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Water and Waste Water Services

  • Significantly lower price than your current supplier.
  • Scottish Water infrastructure guaranteed.
  • Excellent service and professional advice.

Easy to switch. The process of transferring to Cobalt is simple and hassle free.

  • Water Billing Audits

    Water is an area commonly overlooked by companies, often due to the complex nature of industry billing and tariffs. Cobalt employs professional water engineers to assess and analyse all your water, waste and drainage costs.

    Cobalt water
    audits have resulted in rebates in excess of £45,000. Book your audit NOW!
  • Water Efficiency

    Cobalt water audits can reduce your costs in various areas;

    • Installation of automatic meter readers
    • Washroom solutions
    • Meter downsizing
    £24,000 per year saved at one College of Education.
    Year after Year!
  • Professional Services

    Our experienced Water Engineers can provide the following services and solutions;

    • Leak detection
    • Water balancing
    • Recycling systems
    • Trade Effluent advice
    • New installations
    Cobalt water
    audits have resulted in rebates in excess of £45,000. Book
    your audit NOW!
Find out about our Resource Efficiency Pledge Ambassador

We're Scotland's 1st water company to become a pledge ambassador. At Cobalt Water, we're teaming up to provide you with a fuller service and free efficiency advice, saving you resource and money.

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